GeeksterInk Legends crew with Jay and Silent Bob aka Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith.

In the summer of 2013 Joe Pomparelli was working as Vice President of Sales for a network of boutique video game websites for really hardcore fans of specific games. His team was creating new sales materials and they couldn't seem to find the right images. So he started to search himself and came upon some video game tattoos. Immediately, he thought, "these are amazing." Not only did they look amazing, but they represented the type of commitment that a hardcore fan has. About a month later Joe was the victim of a “Job Elimination.” So he decided to build a website where fans could upload images of their video game tattoos called “Gaming Ink.” When he told his daughter (who is a huge fan of anime and has several tattoos based on Miyazaki characters) this idea she said, “Why would you limit it to video games? Why not cover all the geek categories?” Bang! GeeksterInk was born.

GeeksterInk is dedicated to capturing the passion that fans of video gaming, comics, sci-fi, animation and pop culture have for the art they love and to allow them to share it with like-minded fans.

We choose tattoos as the main medium of sharing because tattoos are the ultimate expression of passion and commitment. We also love fan art, cosplay and pretty much anything you would find at a comic con.

It is our goal at GeeksterInk to create a positive community where fans of geek art and culture can share their passions with other like-minded fans.

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