15 of the Coolest Geeky Dads EVER!

15 of the Coolest Geeky Dads EVER!

With Father's Day approaching quickly, it's time we celebrate the best fathers in comics, gaming, and cartoons. Maybe some of these fathers aren't the best parents, but we'll put that aside for now because they're pretty damn cool. We of course need to give credit for the men who may not be the biological father, but men who are uncles and mentors who acted as their paternal figure (sorry, Batman).

Fred Flintstone: The Flintstones

Credit: Arvalis

George Jetson: The Jetsons

Credit: CoranKizerStone

Joel: The Last of Us

Credit: thomaswievegg

Big Boss / Naked Snake: Metal Gear Solid

Credit: Hardedge-Maelstrom

Homer Simpson: The Simpsons

Credit: nJoo

Jecht: Final Fantasy X

Credit: VoydKessler

Reed Richards: Fantastic Four

Credit: Saskunah

Rick Grimes: The Walking Dead

Credit: Chrisbakerart

Ned Stark: Game of Thrones

Credit: ThreshTheSky

Darth Vader: Star Wars

Credit: Greengrove

Gomez Addams: The Addams Family

Credit: Juhaihai

Alfred Pennyworth: Batman

Credit: theunbrilliant

Al Bundy: Married With Children

Credit: hansvanhalteren

Randy Marsh: South Park

Credit: AngusMcLeod

Bowser: Super Mario Bros.

Credit: JoshSummana

With so many awesome fathers in pop culture, it's hard to just list 15 of them. Who are some of your favorite fathers and father figures in fiction? Sound off!

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