A little taste of the awesomeness of the GeeksterInk Legends Tour!

A little taste of the awesomeness of the GeeksterInk Legends Tour!
GeeksterInk Legends Video / Joe Pomparelli / Youtube

For those of you who don't know, GeeksterInk Legends is a partnership between, Joe Pomparelli (me), the Founder of GeeksterInk and Chris 51, owner of Area 51 Tattoo in Springfield, OR and star of A&E's awesome show, Epic Ink. Chris and I put the GeeksterInk Legends tour together so we could bring the best and most geeky tattoo artists from across the country (and the world) to a local comic con near you.

If you're familiar with the show Epic Ink (and why wouldn't you be), the entire cast, Chris 51, Josh Bodwell, Chris Jones, Heather Maranda, Jeffrey Wortham and his wife Caroline are even more awesome in real-life. And we try to get as many of the cast members at every comic con we do.

In addition to the Epic Ink cast, we are lucky to have an awesome crew of super geeky artists including James Mullin, Kevin Becvar, Bill Atkinson, Brandon Sommers, Casey Baker, Joe Riley, Kyler Shinn and Darin Ennis and we have more artists joining us in every city.

We choose to work exclusively with Wizard World because while it's a huge company, operating nearly 30 comic cons this year (including one in Guangzhou, China), it has the feeling of a family business, emphasis on family.

This year, we will be at a total of 13 Wizard Cons. While it's not easy to schedule and manage 12-20 artists per show and deal with 13 local health depts. and all the onsite issues of managing a large convention booth space, it's hard to call it work. First, I have the best partner in Chris 51, smart, creative and as genuine as anyone I know. I'm so lucky to be able to call him my friend. Second we choose the best company to work with, Wizard World. As I said, it really feels like a family. And lastly, we're spending tons of time at comic cons! How can you not be happy at a comic con?

If you want to be tattooed by a Legend in the most awesome geeky environment there is, check out the remainder of the GeeksterInk Legends – Wizard World Comic Con Tour schedule and reach out to schedule an appt. with one of our amazing artists.

Remainder of 2015 schedule:

St. Louis: 5/22 - 5/24

Sacramento: 6/19 - 6/21

Chicago: 8/20 - 8/23

San Jose: 9/4 - 9/6

Nashville: 9/25 - 9/27

Austin: 10/30 - 10/31

Reno: 11/20 - 11/22

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