Our 12 Favorite Kylo Ren Tattoos

Our 12 Favorite Kylo Ren Tattoos

"Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish... what you started."

Kylo Ren may not be quite the villain his grandfather Darth Vader was, but he is certainly an intriguing character. And let's face it, Darth Vader wasn't able to kill his son, while Kylo was able to kill his father. We are definitely looking forward to seeing how the leader of the Knight's of Ren progresses in Episode VIII.

In the meantime, we found 12 of the best Kylo Ren tattoos. How knows, maybe you'll be inspired to get one yourself.

Tattoo by James Mullin of Lotus Tattoo in Hemet, CA

Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado of Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA.

Tattoo by Chris Jones of Physical Graffiti in Cardiff, UK.

Tattoo by Josh Couchenour of Black Label Tattoo Company in Frederick, MD.

Tattoo by Jay Watson of Life & Death Tattoos in Shrewsbury, UK.

Tattoo by Dan Kelley of Venom Ink Tattoo in Sanford, ME

Tattoo by Joe Nasatka of Orange Tattoo Company in Annapolis, MD

Tattoo by Tyler Nealeigh of Black Lotus Tattooers in Gilbert, AZ

Tattoo by Rob Sedgebeer of Sorry Mum Studio in Manchester, UK

Tattoo by Felipe Serra of The Rising Tide in Poole, UK

Tattoo by Josh Bodwell of Funhouse Tattooing in Tannersville, PA

Tattoo by Jeff Zalesak of Hallows Eve Tattoo in Palmyra, PA

Tattoo by Tori Robinson of The Tattoo Factory in Bucyrus, OH

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