Our 10 Most Favorite Freddy Krueger Tattoos EVER!

Our 10 Most Favorite Freddy Krueger Tattoos EVER!

Happy almost Halloween Geeksters! Though many people (including me) associate the Nightmare films with Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street was actually first released on November 9, 1984. That's right, nearly 31 years ago. In fact, it was Johnny Depp's feature film debut. Great trivia question.

Wes Craven's masterpiece, one of the most intelligent and terrifying horror films ever, probes into the audience's terror of nightmares and combines it with another horrific element--the very real fear of a super creepy killer in one's own neighborhood.

Whether you love or hate the films, you have to admit that Robert Englund's Freddy Krueger is a film icon and totally worthy of a GeeksterInk "Best of" homage. So here it is, our most favorite Freddy Kreuger tattoos!

Tattoo by Bill Atkinson of All Hallows Eve Tattoo in Palmyra, PA.

Tattoo by Randy Engelhard of Heaven of Colours in Stadt Zwickau, Sachsen, Germany.

Tattoo by Brandy Bryant of Jokers Wild Tattoo in FarmVille, VA.

Tattoo by Darin Ennis of Tattoo Charlies in Louisville, KY.

Tattoo by Ken "Peanut" Patten of The Tattoo Station in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Tattoo by Paul Acker of The Séance Tattoo Parlor in Bensalem, PA.

Tattoo by Mike DeVries of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA.

Tattoo by Tony Skeptic of Sanitarium Studios in Edmonton, Canada.

Freddy/Jack Skellington mashup by Joey Bergeron of Revolution Ink & Art Gallery in Leesville, LA.

Tattoo by Chris Jones of Physical Graffiti in Cardiff, UK.

Couldn't help throwing in this photo of that time the GeeksterInk Legends met Robert Englund and he placed his most famous claws under my own chin.

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