Our 15 Favorite The Walking Dead Tattoos EVER!

Our 15 Favorite The Walking Dead Tattoos EVER!

Holy Shit! The second half of TWD's Season 6 has been balls-to-the-wall! You have to think that we will lose a major character to Negan's barbed wire bat before this season ends. Who do you think will fall victim the the Saviors? 

In the meantime... here are our top 15 TWD inspired tattoos EVER!

Tattoo by Zoltan Meszaros of Nails Tattoo in Szolnok, Hungary.

Tattoo by DB Kaye of Skinks Tattoo in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Tattoo by Aled Evans of The Tattoo Shack in Flint, UK.

Tattoo by Tony Sklepic of Sanitarium Studios in Edmonton, Canada.

Tattoo by Edward Argibay of Taboo Tattoo Studio in Atlanta, GA.

Tattoo by Ed Zimmer of The Collective Tattoos and Art Gallery in Stow, OH.

Tattoo by Alex Rattray of Red, Hot and Blue Tattoo in Edinburgh, UK.

Tattoo by Darin Ennis of Tattoo Charlies in Louisville, KY.

Tattoo by Chris Jones of Physical Graffiti in Cadiff, UK.


Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit of Eye of Jade Tattoo in Chico, CA.

Tattoo by Jhon Gutti of Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach, CA.

Tattoo by Troy Slack of Frontyard Tattoo in Mount Barker, Australia.

Tattoo by Kristian Kimonides of Leviathon Tattoo in Richmond, Australia.

Tattoo by Mat Lapping of Creative Vandals in Kingston upon Hull, UK.

Tattoo by Jai Raphael of Leviathon Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia.

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