11 of our Favorite Tattooed Heroes of Cosplay

11 of our Favorite Tattooed Heroes of Cosplay

At GeeksterInk we love tattoos because tattoos are the ultimate expression of commitment. But we also love cosplay. Cosplayers are pretty damn commited too. Many cosplayers, however, shun tattoos because being tattoo-free gives them more flexibility to cosplay characters that are not tattooed. They can also add temporary tattoos to match the tattoos or markings of said characters.

There are however, those who throw cosplay caution to the wind as they proudly display their tattoos for their admirers to see. It is those "Tattooed Heroes of Cosplay" that we honor today.

If you know any other tattooed cosplayers, please let us know and we'll happily add them to this post.

Misty from Pokemon. Cosplayer Vera Baby.

Darth Vader. Cosplayer Kemper Suicide. Note the large Darth Vader/R2D2 tattoo on her left arm.

Catwoman. Cosplayer Envy Us.

Elf. Cosplayer Shamandalie.

Flash. Cosplayer Ari Dee. Note the awesome Batman tattoo on her right arm.

Joker. Cosplayer Nicole Meyers. On Facebook Nicolette Noir Cosplay.

Wonder Woman. Cosplayer Alyssa Anne.

Princess Serenity sailor Moon. Cosplayer Catarotta Cosplay.

Assassin's Creed. Cosplayer Jenny Von Rose.

Street Fighter Cammy White. Cosplayer Shannon Lyn.

Psycho from Borderlands. Cosplayer Miss Hatred Jessica Armanetti.

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