Our Top 11 Tank Girl Tattoos EVER!

Our Top 11 Tank Girl Tattoos EVER!

She's a very kinky girl.. Rebecca Buck aka Tank Girl's first words were "cauliflower penis". When she was 7, she started a collection of novelty pencil sharpeners (the collection is now housed in the National Museum of Modern Pencil Sharpeners, Sydney). She later became a tank pilot and worked as a bounty hunter before shooting a heavily decorated officer, having mistaken him for her father, and failing to deliver colostomy bags to President Hogan, the incontinent Head of State in Australia, resulting in him publicly embarrassing himself at a large international trade conference.

These events resulted in Tank Girl becoming an outlaw with a multi-million dollar bounty on her head. She is prone to random acts of sex and violence, hair dyeing, flatulence, nose-picking, vomiting, spitting, and more than occasional drunkenness. She also has the ability to outrun any ice cream van - even Mr. Whippy. Ha ha ha. We love her just the same.

And in honor of her most loyal fans, we present our most favorite Tank Girl tattoos!

Tattoo by Federica Stefanello of La Malefede Tattoo in Conegliano, Italy

Tattoo by Sean Earey of Undead Ink in Oceanside, NY.

Tattoo by Olga Dolganowa of MD Tattoo in London, UK.

Tattoo by Lee Reynolds of Rude Studios in Leeds, UK.

Tattoo by Emy of Black Sheep Tattoo in Grenoble, France.

Tattoo by Drew Govan of Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour in Dunfermline, UK.

Tattoo by Andrew Hunter of Danny's Tattoo Collective in Nottingham, UK.

Tattoo by Andrew Hunter of Danny's Tattoo Collective in Nottingham, UK.

Tattoo by Chris 51 of Area 51 Tattoo in Springfield, OR.

Tattoo by Kirt Silver of SilverCity Tattoos in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Tank Pool mashup tattoo by Tom Harris of The Rising Tide in Poole, UK.

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