Nikki Shelley's incredible Face Paintings.

Nikki Shelley's incredible Face Paintings.

At GeeksterInk we see lots of crazy good art from all over the world. So, when we see something that impresses us, you know it's something special. When I first saw Rugby, UK native Nikki Shelley's face paintings I was blown away.

So, I wanted to share some of Nikki's work and a brief interview we conducted with the super talented artist.

GI: How did you get started with art?

NS: I've always loved art, even at school, if I had projects to do it would be 95% artwork and 5% writing! I would draw little doodles on my school books, sketch books, homework.... basically any where I could!

GI: What were the first things you remember drawing?

NS: That's a tricky one..... being brought up on music like Guns n Roses and Iron Maiden etc, I think I drew a lot of that kind of stuff; roses, skulls etc And I love Gothic artwork, I think there's just a beauty in it.

GI: Was there an artist you remember who first inspired you?

NS: My all time favourite art inspiration is H.R.Giger........... with Alien being one of my favourite movies, I really fell in love with Giger's art work, I liked the darkness of it, but that it was also beautiful and different.

GI: When was the first time you thought to paint on some ones face?

NS: As soon as I had children and they were old enough to paint for Halloween! ha ha Then I painted my nieces and nephews faces too........... but being a fan of horror, I couldn't paint that kinda stuff on them, so that's when I started painting on myself.

GI: How long have you been doing it?

NS: I've been painting for just over two years now

GI: Is there lots of trial and error?

NS: Yes! and LOTS of frustration! ha ha basically I map out where all the important bits are going, eye sockets, jaw bones, teeth etc and then I just kinda wing the rest. Many times I've had to wash it off before I've finished it because I've got the placement wrong.

GI: Do you ever look at someones face and think you want to paint them?

NS: I cant say that I have! maybe its because I only paint on myself now, I don't really consider how it would look on someone else unless i'm painting them.

GI: does it bother you that it washes off so soon?

NS: Sometimes it does, especially when I've spent four hours painting it! but I don't paint until the kids are in bed ( so I can paint in peace!) so I don't usually get finished til the early hours, by that time I just want to wash it off and go to bed lol

GI: Do you have a favourite?

NS: I think the Jack in a box is possibly my favourite, although the 'inner demon' and the 'ape' are two that i'm quite proud of too.

GI: We always have to ask... Do you have any tattoos?

NS: I do have tattoo's! My brother is a tattoo artist so tattoo's are kind of a normal thing in my family. I have a big shoulder piece of my own art work, which I will be bringing down into a full sleeve - skull/zombie themed!

GI: Has anyone ever asked you to design a tattoo?

NS: Yes! LOTS! ha ha I have a list of people who have requested tattoo designs, its just finding time to work through them! lol

GI: Any plans to visit the US?

NS: I would LOVE to! It's definitely on my list of things to do in the future!

The artist Nikki Shelley sans make up.

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